Work with me personally for 90 days.


Fitness isn't a "one size fits all" approach. Everybody is unique and responses different to food, training and recovery.

That's why personal fitness coaching is probably the best approach for you.

With 9 years of experience and having helped hundreds of people transform their lives, I've developed a clear understanding of what works and what doesn't.

We skip the BS, and make use of the "shortcuts" the things that actually work so you can see your body change in the shortest time possible.

I'll guide you through the methods and strategies that enabled me to gain 25kg+/55lbs+ lean muscle while keeping my body fat below 12% at all costs.

I'll tailor the best strategy specifically to you. Just follow my lead and take action.




All I can say is that Jorrick always pushes me to make consistent progress. With Jorrick the only way is up. He will give you his advice not only on training topics, but also on topics for your mindset, nutrition, and more. All in all, if you want to make consistent progress, his coaching is the way to go.

Florian Feulner

Nothing but respect for Jorrick. He helped me gain 5+ KG's in 3 months, with almost no fat. Personal guidance, great tips & the 'lucky factor' is why I love this guy.

Daan Stormink

Jorrick, also known as the King of Consistency, is the fitness coach you need! With his guidance, I not only achieved my personal goals but also improved my overall physical health. In just three months, I reached my desired shape, and my injuries disappeared. Amazing results!

Bram Korfage

When I started exercising I weighed just under 60kilo. Now, a year later, I weigh 73kilo with 14% body fat. About 10kilo of muscle mass has been gained.


I don’t know anyone that is as experiences as Jorrick is when it comes to building your body on a physical level. His experience in training, nutrition and most importantly how to create a balanced lifestyle are out of this world.

Bas Bults

Jorrick possesses a blend of expertise and enthusiasm that sets him apart. He brings an unrivalled depth of knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and wellness to the table. He does not believe in simply giving instructions; instead, he provides clear and insightful explanations about the benefits and purposes of each exercise or food you're eating.

Bennie Scheurwater


With 9 years of personal experiences, gaining over 25kg of lean muscle mass and a history of helping hundreds of individuals, I got a clear understanding of how the human body works and what you need to do in order to gain muscle mass or lose body fat the fastest way.

You'll not only see your body change, but also witness a switch in your mindset, lifestyle and get a clear understanding of how you own body works. This is priceless.

Don't take my word for it, read the reviews.

Once you decide to get coached by me, we will work together for at least 12 weeks / 3 months.

Changing your body and getting results takes time as you probably know. In 3 months I can get to know you and how your body works. This also gives you enough time to put in the work to see positive changes in your physique.

After 3 months you can decide to continue working with me on a monthly basis or leave it there.

No, unless you put in the work.

This is not something that comes easy. You have to work for it. Otherwise everyone would walk around with sixpack abs and their dream body.

But that being said, I do the hard thinking. This way you know the work you put in is actually effective.

If you do what I say, you will make serious progress.

I will send you an onboarding form with important and personal questions. I need the answers to these questions to create the best strategy for you possible.

You'll get access to everything you need, like your training splits, nutrition plans, my favorite recipes, supplements I recommend and more useful information.  

I check in every Monday with you to see if we're on the right path or need to adjust the strategy.

It's very easy. With access to your dashboard and my private number, you have everything you need to get the most out of the trajectory.

The first 3 months are required, because we need the time to see proper results.

After 3 months you can decided to quit or continue to work with me on a monthly basis.